Chelsea Fairhead brought her two little ones, Cooper and Lily, to the Canaan Craft Fair on Saturday, and she wisely had them ensconced in a nifty, four-wheel carryall. (Rob Maxwell photo)

Balsams Obtains Permits to Demolish Dix, Tillotson & Wind Whistle Houses
By Jake Mardin

The N.H. State Fire Marshal's Office has issued three permits to The Balsams for the demolition of the Dix House, Tillotson House and Wind Whistle House.

The permits were issued on October 10 and expire after one year, but the permits will become invalid if the authorized work doesn't begin within 180 days of issuance. The permits also state that the applicant is responsible for obtaining any environmental, hazardous material or other permits or approval prior to proceeding with the demolition.

Demolition of the Wind Whistle House and Tillotson House have been in the plans for some time, but the Dix House plan is a recent development, after discovery that the condition of the structure was worse than anticipated. Balsams spokes-man Scott Tranchemontagne said the Dix House--the oldest, original portion of the hotel--will be rebuilt to retain the characteristics of the old building, such as the red roof and clapboard siding.

An amendment to a memorandum of agreement between the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the New Hampshire State Preservation Office stipulates that the applicant "will take special care to ensure that Hampshire House will not be impacted by construction activities associated with Dix House" and that developers "will salvage items of historical relevance from the existing Dix House prior to the demolition and will incorporate them into the new structure."

The items will be stored for future installation in the new building, and historical documents, photographs and other collected materials will be donated to "a local repository for public use." The duration of the agreement is five years.

Developers have expressed hope to start construction "before the really cold weather hits," Mr. Tranchemontagne said. The Coos County planning board is also scheduled to meet on October 25 to consider an application for a lot line adjustment submitted by Dixville Capital, LLC for land of Bayroot, LLC and the State of New Hampshire on Route 26 in Dixville. If approved, the approval previously granted in 2016 for a lot-line adjustment between the two lots will be revoked.

(Issue of October 18, 2017)


Sawyer Larson and Vaughn Shaw-Boire practice flying their Quad Minicopters through one of the large lighted gates of the new course during a meeting of the Colebrook Elementary School Drone Racing Club Thursday, October 12 in the school gym. This meeting was the first time the course was available for practice runs. (Alan Farnsworth photo)

Drone Racing Club Takes Flight at Colebrook Elementary School
By Alan Farnsworth

A few students at Colebrook Elementary School are taking to the air as participants the newly formed Drone Racing Club. Organized by principal Dan Gorman, the club introduces students to miniature airborne drones and meets every other Thursday after school in the gym.

Students learn to fly Hubsan Mini Quadcopters and to make repairs when they crash or run out of power, which happens frequently. The club has 13 Quadcopters available, each unit containing a six-inch white minicopter and a remote control unit with toggle controls and a video screen so the operator can see where the drone is going. Each drone is equipped with a miniature battery good for roughly eight minutes of flight before it must be recharged. Each unit is housed in a small hard case with a handle for carrying.

The latest activity, introduced at the last meeting, is a drone-racing course featuring three cloth circles for start and stop bases and three large circles as racing gates, each with an LED-lighted border to help with navigaton in reduced light.

Several students have become club regulars, while others are interested newcomers who might return for the excitement and learning. "Right now," Mr. Gorman observed, "Colebrook Elementary School is the only school I know of with a drone-racing club."

The club was funded and organized last spring using a technology grant, with the intention of training students on the smaller drones before they could move on to the larger Phantom drone purchased earlier last year. Those interested in learning more may contact Mr. Gorham at 237-4801.

(Issue October 18, 2017)


Canaan-Pittsburg's Lelah Hailey runs along Murphy Dam in Pittsburg during the home cross-country meet on Friday. Hailey finished fourth in the girls' race with a time of 27:06. (Jake Mardin photo)

Fish & Game Seeks Public's Help to Find Who Removed Head from Deer

N.H. Fish and Game is looking for information about a deer struck on Route 3 near Old Mill Road in Stratford, likely having occurred between Sunday, October 8 and Tuesday, October 10.

The head and back straps were removed from the buck, and every thing else was left. "In order to possess meat or any part of a deer it has to be deemed legal," explained Lt. Wayne Saunders. "A tag for possession has to be issued, or the deer must be taken legally and registered--even road kill. So whoever took the parts from the deer is unlawfully in possession of them."

Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to call Operation Game Thief, toll-free at 800-344-4262.

(Issue of October 18, 2017)



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